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We are specialists in Mediterranean gardening, Balearic Gardens is the one stop solution to provide every service required for garden needs in Ibiza.
Every project is always undertaken with the client’s needs in mind and with particular respect for the circumstances prevailing on the island.

  • Economy and careful use of water, one of the island’s most precious resources.
  • Appropriate use of indigenous plants as well as the use of certified healthy trees and pest-free plants from our suppliers on the mainland, when desired.
  • The maintenance commitments implied, either for the client or our company, are factors to be considered: flowering creepers, lawns, vines, trees and plants are vigorous creatures that love growing and growing.
  • Ibiza is a fertile island; gorgeous weeds and wild-flowers compete for its bounty. A gentle appreciation of her natural gifts coupled with sensible design of more formal features can achieve much with minimum fuss and intrusion on what is already a perfect landscape.

Just as architects take the design of a house into consideration, we work alongside them to ensure that the landscaping enhances the ambience and value of the property.
This includes the obvious concerns that certain features, ponds and cactus gardens are to be planned with a regard to young children’s safety as well as their enjoyment.

If you dream of a garden, we can help you make it come true.
We are Balearic Gardens.