Our aim is to establish a dynamic dialogue between the different spaces of the villa and to spot the identity of the existing elements in order to achieve an architectural harmony within the whole. The designs stem from the fusion of ideas with our clients, often inspired by aspects of the Mediterranean environment, as the light, shapes, colors, textures and aromas, to make us sure that each of our gardens has its own identity. Every garden is unique but the experience has moved us to develop the design process always following the same steps described above.

Initial Meeting

We start with an initial meeting with the client at the project site to survey the architecture of the buildings, the existing elements and the surrounding landscape, understanding the needs of our clients and their particular vision of the garden of their dreams. Based on this initial meeting, we develop a proposal indicating our suggestions, the main features to be included and the budget estimation for the project.

The Design Concept

With the client’s approval, we will start by gathering whatever information is already available for the site -plans/maps of the property, topographic survey and architectural plans- to develop an initial presentation including a proposal for a planting palette, design ideas and suggested materials. May include infographic perspectives, photomontages, 3D renders and even a walk-through 3D video at the customer’s requirement. This presentation is used as a starting discussion point that allows the garden design to evolve to the next stage.

Master Plan

Once the concept has been fully agreed, we move on to the detailed master plan to show the precise layout of all elements to include in the hard and soft landscaping. Additional plans are conceived for the irrigation, planting and construction details. On this point we can also give an estimation of the maintenance fee in case you wanted we keep caring of your garden after the building process.


Here is the magic moment where our team make the client’s dream come true. From the initial field works until the complete develop of the project it will be full managed by ourselves to guarantee the success and solve the issues which may arise/appear during the construction. It’s important to keep in mind that our integral solution allow us to execute all the works by ourselves in a coordinated way to guarantee quality results, minimizing execution times and getting/resulting more control of costs.


As an additional service -apart from the design project-, we offer the possibility to keep managing your garden with our maintenance service to ensure its growth and development in an even more beautiful way improving with the age.